Our engineering department holds expertise in the manufacturing of various machines used for the application of Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint. Following are the details for the same
Detailed Information

Pre-Mixing Boilers

A pre-mixing boiler is huge vessel type stainless steel-formulated machinery with an agitator fitted inside it that enables the mixing/movement of the material. This agitator is connected to a motor that runs on power or generator & mechanically mixes & heats the material. These boilers are fitted with a heater at the bottom & have a standard capacity of approximately 8-10 Thermoplastic Road Marking Compound bags weighing 25 Kg each.

Manual Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine (Screed Type)

We also have diverse hands-on experience & expertise for the manufacturing of screed type manual Road Marking machine with advanced engineering concepts. The machine is operated manually by labour force. This Machine is made of a stainless steel body to avoid any contamination to the Road Marking Material. The machine comes with different Dyes (as per the requirement) for the application of different jobs. This machine is also fitted with a burner at the bottom & a glass bead dispenser at the rear. By books, the thermoplastic road marking compound is first heated in the boiler & is then transferred in the screed machinery at the time of application.